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Conflicts of Interest - Multifunctional Firms

Course Code: CE_COIMF


Conflicts of Interest - Multifunctional Firms is an intermediate level course appropriate for all retail registered representatives, their support staff, investment advisers, and investment adviser representatives.

Course Description

Supervisors and compliance personnel may find this course beneficial in developing firm policies and procedures, and in ensuring all employees are in compliance with the rules regarding conflicts of interests.

Conflicts of interest are common in the financial services industry and nowhere is this more apparent than in the case of a dual registered or multifunctional firm. The relationships between investment advisers, registered representatives, mutual fund and insurance companies, and their clients are fraught with potential conflicts of interest. This course looks at many of the conflicts faced by these professionals, and the obligations they have to their clients, including the requirement to eliminate or disclose all conflicts of interest.

In Lesson 1 we look at the conflicts of interest that may arise in multifunctional firms and how to stay in compliance with disclosure rules. Lesson 2 focuses specifically on the conflicts of interest that investment advisers face and presents an overview of some supervisory and disclosure tools, including Form ADV and some of the conflicts that it should disclose. In addition, Lesson 3 focuses on the more common conflicts of interest and provides several cases where registered representatives and investment advisers failed to disclose the conflicts of interest they faced. You will see the consequences these firms, reps, and advisers paid for their oversight.

CFP Program ID: 234854     CFP Credit Hours: 1.00

Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT)

Course Code: CE_CATSYS


CAT - Consolidated Audit Trail is an intermediate level class that would be most beneficial for individuals who work at a FINRA member firm in the trading or operations departments with any part of the equity order-transaction process, as well as supervisors and support staff. Individuals taking this course should have some background in the equity transaction process.

Course Description

Transaction reporting ensures transparency and accountability in executing securities transactions at a fair price and in a timely manner. CAT provides an overview of the new consolidated audit trail (CAT) now required for firms to use. It describes the CAT reporting requirements and its associated rules for executing transactions in all NMS and OTC equity securities. It also provides guidance for firms under the new rules and gives examples of trade reporting violations that may be instructive for firms under the new CAT system.

Corporate Debt I: Introduction to Corporate Debt Instruments

Course Code: CE_CD1


Corporate Debt I is an introductory course intended for registered representatives who solicit sales in corporate debt securities for their firms. This course is also beneficial for individuals desiring to obtain a general understanding about the corporate bond market.

Course Description

Corporate Debt I: Introduction to Corporate Debt Instruments describes two types of debt securities issued by corporations - short-term and long-term debt securities. It begins with an introduction to debt securities, and then explores short-term debt issues with a look at the difference between corporate issues and those issued by the U.S. government. Also discussed are long-term debt securities issued by corporations, including descriptions of the various ratings, the rating agencies that evaluate the corporations, and the impact of such ratings.

Corporate Debt II: Their Features

Course Code: CE_CDII


Corporate Debt II is an informational course intended for registered representatives who solicit sales in corporate debt securities or who are involved in corporate bond underwriting. This course is also beneficial for persons desiring a general understanding about the types of bonds available.

Course Description

Corporate Debt II is the second in a five-part series about debt securities. This course describes specific features of bonds used by corporations and how they meet specific investment objectives of the investor. This includes put and callable bonds, call and refund restrictions, convertible bonds, floating rate notes, and zero-coupon bonds.

Corporate Debt III: The Underwriting Process

Course Code: CE_CDIII


Corporate Debt III: The Underwriting Process is for registered representatives who are engaged in soliciting sales to the public or in any other underwriting activities for corporate debt securities by their firm. It provides basic information for those initially starting out in this line of business or for those desiring a refresher of the basics.

Course Description

Corporate Debt III: The Underwriting Process is designed to help you become familiar with the process of bringing new corporate issues to market. The course provides you with definition terms associated with underwriting, including investment banker, syndicate member, selling group member, and others. In addition, the course discusses registration of the issue, meetings that take place, documents to sign, and the process of pricing the issue.

Corporate Debt IV: Ratings, Pricing and Yields

Course Code: CE_CD4


The Corporate Debt IV: Rating, Price, and Yields course is an informational course on corporate bonds for those registered representatives who solicit customers in the sale of corporate debt securities. This course is appropriate for those in retail sales and in corporate bond underwriting.

Course Description

This course delves into more detail about ratings for corporate bonds and their influence on bond pricing and yields. The course gives a brief history of ratings by Moody's and Standard and Poor's (S&P's). The course continues into pricing and quotes of corporate bonds, and finally discusses the three yields for a bond: Nominal yield, current yield, and yield-to-maturity.

Corporate Debt V: Risk & Investment Strategies

Course Code: CE_CD5


Corporate Debt V is intended for registered representatives who solicit customers in the sale of corporate debt securities. This course is appropriate for those in retail sales and corporate bond underwriting.

Course Description

The course is the last in a series on Corporate Debt. The previous four courses covered types of debt securities, their features, the underwriting process, the impact of ratings assigned by major rating agencies, and the effect on prices and yields. This course focuses on two main topics - common risks associated with investing in corporate bonds and generally known investment strategies. These two areas can help support an investor's evaluation of whether the product can meet stated investment objectives.

Creating a Culture of Compliance

Course Code: CE_CC


This course is a basic to intermediate level course designed for all supervisors, registered representatives, investment adviser representatives, supervisors, sales support and operations staff, and individuals working in a firm's compliance and legal departments. Anyone who is interested in ensuring a business environment in which compliance with industry rules and regulations is a priority will find this course informative.

Course Description

Creating a Culture of Compliance describes what a firm and its associates can do to build a business with integrity that complies with regulatory rules. Lesson 1 begins with FINRA's understanding of how a culture of compliance is established and maintained, and what FINRA is looking for when it examines a firm's cultural values. The lesson also discusses a 'top down' compliance policy that emphasizes following policies and procedures with strong supervisory support. Lesson 2 focuses on ethical behavior and attitudes, starting with hiring associates with a solid record of compliance, having high professional standards, and dealing with customers honestly and fairly. Lesson 3 is an overview of the conduct rules that, if followed, help create a culture of compliance.

Customer Account Transfers

Course Code: CE_CAT


Customer Account Transfers is a basic level course on FINRA account transfer rules for those registered representatives, investment advisers who solicit new accounts for their firm. Supervisors will find this course instructive as well.

Course Description

Customer Account Transfers illustrates the rules and requirements associated with the account transfer process from the old firm (the carrying firms) to the new firm, (the receiving firm). This course will illustrate the transfer process from beginning to end, through the ACAT System, with regards to information required, timing, and restrictions on the interference of a transfer. Also in this course students will learn the special supervisory needs of new representatives and their transferring customers, and well as the required communications that must be issued to the customers.

Customer Complaint Handling for Front-Line Sales Personnel

Course Code: CE_CCHFSP


Customer Complaints for Front-Line Sales Personnel is intended for all individuals associated with a FINRA member firm — registered representatives, investment adviser representatives, institutional sales representatives, staff members who support the sales staff, as well as supervisors. This course would also be beneficial for compliance professionals and management level officers.

Course Description

Customer Complaints for Front-Line Sales Personnel is designed to raise awareness of various aspects of customer complaints while offering tools to help reduce the risk of receiving a customer complaint.

This course addresses various aspects of handling unhappy customers, including helping them resolve issues before they become written complaints.

Awareness of industry trends illustrated in this course should prompt sales personnel to review their own relationships with customers in an effort to avoid the most common types of complaints.

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