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Ethics in the Senior Market

Course Code: 2675

Course Description

Senior Market Ethics will educate the insurance and investment professional in the areas of ethics and suitability in the Senior Market. Topics covered include: government regulations pertaining to seniors; Medicare fraud; long-term care and annuity suitability; elder care issues; and risks associated with seniors.

Ethics: Delivering on the Promise

Course Code: 2630

Course Description

With life insurance, agents are promising clients that when the need arises somewhere in the future, a benefit will be paid in a timely manner. In order to ensure this happens, the industry has set forth standards and practices as an outline and definition of an agent's responsibilities in all facets of his/her business. This course enables agents to make good on everything they tell their clients.

Financial Exploitation: Protecting the Senior Client

Course Code: 2999

Course Description

The financial exploitation of our senior and vulnerable clients is at epidemic levels, robbing them of billions every year. Financial professionals who are trained to stay informed, vigilant, and engaged are the first line of defense in this battle against fraud, theft, and abuse. This training is designed to educate producers and registered investment advisors, preparing them to identify those vulnerable to exploitation, to recognize the red flags that abuse may be taking place, and to act quickly according to security and regulatory guidelines, to notify the appropriate authorities. This is a case of "See Something - Say Something" for our whole industry.

Financial Planning Solutions

Course Code: 2631

Course Description

Legal, economic and tax changes have created new opportunities for consumers, while at the same time, have greatly complicated the financial services for them. A full understanding of their overall financial situation is a must today. This course focuses attention on how the financial professional, using a planning process, can help consumers address their various needs throughout their lifetime with the appropriate and correct usage of financial service products and strategies described herein. Topics include: * Family budgeting * Education and career planning * Retirement planning * Estate issues and living trusts * Insurance, investments and taxes

Financial Tools & Strategies

Course Code: 2691

Course Description

Legal and regulatory changes have created new opportunities for consumers and financial professionals, while at the same time, have greatly complicated the financial services landscape for both parties. An increased number of financial professionals specialize in niche markets to stay competitive, often working in teams, either within or outside of their own company. A full understanding of the client's overall financial situation is a must today. This course focuses attention on the appropriateness and correct usage of the products and strategies described. Topics include: * The Planning Process * Life Insurance and Annuities * Bank Products, Bonds, Securities and Mutual Funds * Government and Company Benefit Plans

Fixed and Indexed Annuities

Course Code: 2935

Course Description

The primary focus of this annuity course is the fixed products and how both fixed and indexed annuities function in the marketplace. Discussions include crediting methods, interest, contract charges, QLACs, FIA crediting variations, caps, participation rates, and spreads. Annuity topics required by the NAIC Model Act for Annuity Suitability are also covered, including: * Parties to and provision of annuity contract * Types and the primary uses of annuities * Suitability, replacement, and disclosures * Taxations issues related to qualified and nonqualified contracts

Flood Insurance - NFIP

Course Code: 2507

Course Description

Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy are examples of how the impacts of flooding can be far-reaching, affecting both home and business owners. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was established to provide relief for flooding events such as these. This course satisfies the NFIP Flood requirement for property & casualty agents. Issues explored include: * Causes of Floods * Flood Maps and Zone Determinations * What is Covered and Not Covered * Deductibles and Loss Settlement Procedures

GA Medicaid & LTC Partnership

Course Code: 2985

Course Description

As a stand-alone course, this 2-hour supplement certifies NON-resident producers to sell LTCP policies in this state, by improving producers understanding of: * General eligibility policies relating to Medicaid payment of long-term care services in Georgia * The interaction between Georgia's Medicaid and Long-Term Care Partnership Programs This course in combination with the completion of NAIC LTC 8-hour training in their resident state, satisfies LTCP training for non-residents of GA.

Health Combo with Ethics

Course Code: 2865

Course Description

One 24 Hour Course / One Final Exam Part 1 - The world of Health Insurance has evolved into a complex industry with multiple touchpoints. * Health insurance providers, Policies, and Provisions * Health Insurance and the ACA * Disability Insurance * Medicare Part 2 - Cyber Security & Identity Theft * Developing common "cyber-sense" * Cyber vulnerabilities * Methods for stealing personal information * Identity theft and data breaches * Cyber Liability insurance and other insurance products Part 3 - This course concludes with 3 hours of state required Ethics training

Health Insurance Essentials

Course Code: 2831

Course Description

The world of Health Insurance has evolved into a complex industry with multiple touchpoints. This course explores the industry from a review of health basics to the incorporation of disability policies and the interaction of both with Medicare. Agents will conclude with an overview of how the Affordable Care Act has created the Health Insurance Marketplaces--some state and some federal.

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