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Anti-Money Laundering in Insurance

Course Code: 3051

Course Description

Money launderers continually seek new ways to work illegally gained profits back into legitimate commerce, using whatever financial means available. The insurance industry, once thought to be immune to the trappings of cash-heavy criminals, no longer is beyond their reach. This course will examine various money-laundering techniques and review laws and other safeguards, clearly defining what money laundering is, how to recognize it, and how to stop it. Note: The AML section of this course meets the content requirements outlined by ACLI's "Recommended Core Elements of an AML Training Program for Life Insurance Agents and Brokers." If A.D. Banker & Company does not appear on the approved AML provider list for your company, call our Customer Care Team and let us know.

Anti-Money Laundering-Refresher

Course Code: 2766

Course Description

Every day throughout the world, money launderers seek new ways to funnel illegally gained profits back into legitimate commerce, using whatever financial means are available. Even the insurance industry, once thought to be immune to the trappings of cash-heavy crime money, is no longer beyond the reach of money launderers. In this course, we will help students: *Understand what money laundering is & how federal agencies enforce U.S. laws concerning this crime *Better understand measures that can be taken to prevent money laundering *How to recognize warning signs that money laundering might be taking place *Adopt safeguards against the commission of money laundering

Auto & Homeowners Liability

Course Code: 2525

Course Description

Though liability losses occur less frequently than property claims, liability claims generate far more than property claims in expenses as a result of payments to claimants, adjusting, and defense costs. The complexities of liabilities are discussed in this course, with concepts including: * Personal Liability for Auto & Homeowners * Legal Liability * Negligence * Occurrence vs. Claims-made Liability Forms * Medical Payments Coverage

Avoiding E&O Claims

Course Code: 2541

Course Description

E & O Claims have a tremendous impact on insurance agents and agencies. With that in mind, this course discusses a number of consequences insurance professionals can expect if an E & O claim is submitted. By evaluating trends that have been reported by several national E & O insurance companies with respect to actual insurance agents' E & O claims, producers will be equipped to improve their client and company relationships.

Business Insurance Needs

Course Code: 3052

Course Description

Businesses survive by making smart decisions--structuring insurance products to avoid disaster is a key element of any business' success. This course tackles several coverage topics that producers in the business market use to protect clients from often overlooked exposures. * Business succession planning * Crime Coverage * Business interruption insurance * Key employee life insurance * Executive benefits & Split-dollar plans

CA 4 Hr Annuities in the Senior Market

Course Code: 2968

Course Description

This course complies with Section 1749.8 of the California Insurance Code, which requires California resident and non-resident life agents who sell annuity products to complete 4 hours of approved annuity training every 2 years before their licenses renew. At the conclusion of this 4-hour training course, students will: * Understand the primary uses and types of annuities * Understand investment concerns of seniors * Be aware of annuities and other financial products available to seniors * Understand issues of buyer competence * Understand issues of annuity product ethics and compliance

CA 4 Hr Fixed, Variable & Indexed Annuities

Course Code: 2616

Course Description

Though their primary purpose is to fund retirement, annuities are sold to meet many financial goals. This course fulfills the CA producer's 4 hour Annuity CE requirement, focusing on the provisions of fixed, variable and indexed products, as well as the producer's legal and ethical obligations to consumers.

CA 8-Hour Annuity Training

Course Code: 2649

Course Description

The security of guaranteed income provided by annuities makes them an attractive product for seniors, who comprise one of the largest consumer groups. Upon completion of this course, agents will have learned primary uses of annuities, types/classifications of various annuities, and how contract provisions affect consumers. Application of income guidelines also are covered. This course is accredited by the California Department of Insurance.

CA 8-Hour Long-Term Care

Course Code: 2817

Course Description

This course satisfies California's mandatory 8-hour Long-Term Care certification training. Eight specific areas of agent education are addressed, including: 1. Long-term care risks, services, and facilities 2. Resources to pay for LTC expenses-both private and government(Medicare/Medi-Cal) 3. Federal LTC legislation 4. Long-term care insurance: products, coverages, benefits and tax-qualifications 5. California statutory policy provisions, requirements, and terminology 6. Administration and enforcement including laws and penalties 7. Advertising guidelines and Marketing Practices 8. California Long-Term Care Partnership Program It is imperative that agents are intimately familiar with how un-insured long-term care expense can financially devastate a family. Knowing the risks and planning ahead can mean the difference between comfort in senior years and living hand to mouth. Clients do not qualify for LTCi so suitability is important. This course will remind and/or update agents on what the current costs and risks are, as well as illustrate both old and new funding options.

California Long-Term Care Policies

Course Code: 2907

Course Description

The need for long-term care causes a variety of burdens, including not only the practical and physical, but also the emotional and financial. Long-term care insurance mitigates this risk for families across the country when the unexpected happens and "how it used to be" no longer matches the reality of "how it is now". This 8-hour course is approved to satisfy California's initial and ongoing producer training requirement.

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